2016 Madeira Beach Holiday Boat Parade Viewing Areas

2016 Madeira Beach Holiday Boat Parade Viewing Areas

This  year marks the 50th anniversary for the Madeira Beach Holiday Boat Parade.  It has been coined the “Festival of Lights” and has had as many as 50 boats all traveling the intracoastal waterways of Madeira Beach.  This year we hope to have 50+ boats in the parade and with over $7,000 in prize money up for grabs we hope to get there.

For everyone staying on land ….
If you LIVE in Madeira Beach and are waterfront you will have some of the best, most personal and festive opportunities to VIEW the parade. We know that quite a few of you have your annual holiday party on this date for this reason.  Remember to cheer the boats on as they pass by!

For those of you searching for a good place to WATCH the parade….
Madeira Beach has 2 really great viewing places.  The start of the parade is in John’s Pass.  So come on down and spend the day shopping local for Christmas gifts and also get a premier spot to see the parade line up and the boats begin their route.  There next place is at the end of the parade, ROC Park.  This is a great place to line up along the sea wall with your family and see the parade up close. There will be a food truck, drinks and of course holiday music in the park.

Other areas:
There is limited space at the Madeira Beach Marina and at the Elks Lodge.

Here is the Parade Route – This does take approximately 3 hours for the boats to travel the route.


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  1. Is the parade really changing to “Sunday” evening this year? It has been on “Saturday” for the last 25 years. We always have a party and I just wanted to be sure they did not just keep the same date (10th) from last year not realizing that it makes it Sunday instead of Saturday for this year. Thanks, Kim

  2. We are looking for a place on the beach to stay and see the parade. I have trouble walking. Any suggestions

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