Every year you hear of many to dos or don’t dos while bringing in the New Year.  Most of them revolve around food.  Many that many of these superstitions share common ground with Madeira Beach residents.  We have compiled a list of some definite dos and do nots to bring in 2017.

Our #1 Top must do is:
Eat Fish, preferably whole fish with scales on. (This is a must for Madeira Beach residents!)
There are 3 main reasons. One, the scales symbolize coins, which means riches for the new year.  Two, fish swim forward only, this means progress. Lastly, fish are know to school, this means abundance and togetherness.  Madeira Beach is known for fishing, so lets eat to prosperous new year.

Our #1 Top don’t do is:
Do NOT eat or cut into bananas.  Fisherman are known to swear off bananas on their boats as they bring bad luck of all kinds.  This rings true for the new year as well.  In fact I wouldn’t bring a banana in my house, car or boat during the new year.  The bad luck can come in any form from debt to health issues, lets NOT risk it for 2017.


Now for the full list of must dos and do nots.  First up the MUST DOs.

  • Pork …. in any form it will bring prosperity
  • Greens …. health and wealth
  • Black eyed peas …. wealth
  • Leave behind food on your plate …. this will bring a year of plenty
  • Eat seven to 12 meals on New Year’s Day ….. to provide strength of seven to 12 men. (Then, presumably, take seven to 12 food coma-induced naps.)
  • Yellow …. wear anything yellow – this represents gold and wealth (I’ll try anything for a bigger payout for the year)

Here are the DO NOTS

  • No Chicken ….. you will go backwards in life and dwell in the past
  • No Lobster …. this will bring set backs
  • No White foods …. this will you empty or even death
  • No Laundry …. you will wash all your luck away or even wash your friends away
  • No Working …. this is just plain BAD LUCK (no problem here … I’ll stay home for sure)

One last favorite is to make as much noise as possible at midnight. This will scare off any evil spirits that may be lurking in the dark.  So bang your pots and pans.  We know there are many more traditions or lucky foods to bring in the New Year with, what are your favorites? Leave us a comment below.

We here at MadBeachEvents.com are wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! May it bring health, wealth and happiness.