Illustration courtesy of DEUEL AND ASSOCIATES The city of Madeira Beach plans drainage and road improvements over the next year in this area east of Gulf Boulevard.

MADEIRA BEACH – Over the next year, the city of Madeira Beach will be making drainage and road improvements in the Mitchell’s, Kottler’s and Tullis subdivision areas, located east of Gulf Boulevard.

The start date is this week with a construction timeline of 365 days.

The roads affected include Boca Ciega Drive, Boca Ciega Avenue, 131st Avenue, 132nd Avenue, 133rd Avenue, 134th Avenue, 135th Avenue, First Street East, Second Street East, Third Street East and Fourth Street East.

About 25 percent of the project will be milling and resurfacing, the remainder will be pervious concrete.

Milling and resurfacing will block lanes and have flagging personnel as required. The pervious concrete will be placed in sections of roadblocks and will be installed full roadway width so detours will be posted.

The pervious concrete cannot be driven on for three days. Then light traffic only until about seven days after placement. After that, it will be good for all traffic, according to the engineer firm Deuel and Associates.

There will be some baffle boxes installed, upsizing of storm pipe and, in conjunction with Pinellas County, all cast iron and ductile iron pipe will be replaced.

Article published on Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2016
Tampabay Newspapers