IMG_2501While not everyone “gets it” eventually many come to understand that the essence of life is not about our collections of stuff, or even our collections of experiences. We eventually discover that fulfillment, joy and satisfaction are products of the sense of having “made a difference” in life, in our world. Certainly those of us who look at life through the lens of something bigger than ourselves and beyond the here and now, believe there is a Spiritual component to the fulfillment, joy and satisfaction that we seek, but at whatever level we view it, real significance is found in not just “making a difference,” but it doing it in such a way that it transcends our lives, outlives us and forms a lasting legacy.

The point to all that is to allow me to express both my appreciation for, and my reasons for gratitude at the opportunity to partner with The Old Salt Foundation in its ongoing activities in the Madeira Beach community.

When CrossBridge Church was planted in November of 2012 one of our core values was to be intentional in pursuing ways to make a difference in our community. Within the first few weeks of existence we were blessed to be introduced to Tom Verdensky and Jill Foraker. We found friends though we had no idea what Old Salt meant and what their passion really was. Over lunch we discovered the heart of Tom and Jill and an Old Salt organization that exists to touch families, especially children and to support those who exist to share that passion. We have since met most all of the Old Salt leadership team and discovered that same passion. We have come to understand that the support for The Children’s Dream Fund, Celma Mastry Ovarian Cancer Foundation, All Children’s Hospital as well as kid’s fishing tournaments here in our community all reflect the underlying passion to make a difference in our community and leave a lasting legacy.

Hearing people “talk” about their purpose and passion is one thing, but when our CrossBridge team was offered the privilege of participating in our first King Fish Tournament in the Spring of 2013 I discovered that this wasn’t just “talk.” This Old Salt team walked the talk. They accomplished the mission and when the tournament was over the hook was set. We left eagerly waiting for the next event to serve with the Old Salt Team

Three years and multiple events later we have deepened our love and respect for Tom, Jill and the leadership team and we have seen, not a waning of their passion for the mission of Old Salt Foundation, rather an ever growing commitment to that mission. Consider this a grateful salute to people and an organization making a difference and leaving a lasting legacy.

Here’s to YOU, Old Salt Fishing Foundation and our dear friends there.

Pastor Rick Cowley & the CrossBridge Church Leadership Team

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