By Laurie Davison, Reporter Bay News 9
Madeira Beach City Commissioners have approved plans for the Madeira Beach Town Center, which is a major development set to go up at the city’s gateway entrance.

  • New entertainment center approved for Madeira Beach
  • Center will include hotels, condos and a low-rise marina building

It will be located along Madeira Way and 150th Avenue. The project includes hotels, condos and a low-rise marina building. Supporters said it is sorely needed to revitalize the area.

“It’s going to be nice to see people come over that bridge and have a reason to stop and visit us rather than to just go on to other areas on the beach,” said Derwin Smith.

The majority of people at Tuesday night’s city commission spoke out in favor of the project, but it does have its detractors. After residents expressed concerns, developers agreed to reduce the size of some of the buildings.

In spite of that compromise, some people still see problems. “The traffic is a big concern, the environment is a big concern,” said Linda Hein. “The scope of the project that’s now proposed is just too much for the area. It’ll have an adverse impact on traffic and people moving in and out of the city,” said Bill Gay.

Planners said the reduced size of the project and building capacity will also reduce the impact of traffic.

Supporters said they’re looking forward to the groundbreaking. “This development has everyone excited. It has me excited,” said Smith.