It is no secret that our little fishing village has been in turmoil ever since the last election, now we are hearing the words RECALL.  
The recall is specific to Commissioner Nancy Oakley and Commissioner John Douthirt.  

Since the election there have been numerous complaints and of course rumors floating throughout the city.  Many of the people that originally voted for them are having “buyers remorse”.  They feel they were mislead and/or lied to.   

  • Here are some of the accusations:
    Charter Violations. Lack of knowledge on city procedures.
    Lack of leadership.  Fired the city manager,  city clerk and have filled the finance director position, against charter rules.
    Created choas in the work place, most employees fear for their jobs.
    Commissioner Oakley has pending ethics violations and history of bad public behavior.
    They allowed the Recreation Manager, Doug Andrews, to be fired by the interim City Manager.
    Community events are being scrutinized and denied

The next commission meeting is October 10th and starts at 6pm, City Hall.

Be on the look out for your neighbors to be walking around with petitions to sign on the recall in the next coming week.